Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sewing project

When my mom gets some vacation time, we like to take one of those days to sew. A couple of months ago at "Sew Worth It" (a local fabric store) we found a pattern for a clutch bag made by Amy Butler (for you scrapbookers...Amy Butler has an entire scrapbooking line distributed by K and Co). We bought it...and the above pictures show how it turned out!! I just love it. The pattern also comes with a "makeup" and "coin" bag sizes...can't wait to try those too! The fabrics I used for this project came from Sew Worth It too! TFL



Anonymous said...

I bouth the same pattern! I love the bag patterns as well! I also want the Amy Butler fabric. Too many wants and not enough time. Awesome race goals for the year! I feel like I am starting from scratch. Hopefully my muscles did not lose that much memory. If I can ever find them again! Aleve and I currently best friends. Tommorow will be worse. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Girl, the bag is even cuter in real life! Thanks for lending an ear yesterday!! so nice to have you there by my side! looking forward to a killer scrappin' weekend! love ya, karen

kathy marie said...

ohh how cute is that bag!!! I want one but I can only hand stich not sure how long the bag will last if I do that hehe. loved chatting with you on the phone the other day :-)

Cathy Chung said...

This is such a cute idea, and would be great as a gift idea for friends.

mamalife said...

Found you through Jenn (I work with her) ... Sew Worth It is DANGEROUS - I get in so much trouble in that store, they have the BEST fabrics!!!!