Tuesday, December 18, 2007

iSCRAP membership giveaway!!!

I have one more iSCRAP membership to give away! If you did not win last time, please enter again for another chance to win. I noticed from your comments last time that you did not know much about the International Scrapbook Assoc. (known as iSCRAP) so here is a brief description. If you are interested leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will randomly chose one name on Christmas Day!!

Guest membership: free. This includes access to the forums, galleries, store locator, fonts, poems, titles, and quotes. Access to the event calendar (includes scrapbooking events from all over the world), and Contests and Calls list (from all over the web)
Scrapbooker membership (this is what I am giving away): Access to the entire site, including digital elements, participating in our contests and challenges, the choice to have all contest and call notifications (from other sites and magazines) emailed direct when they get posted. Scrapbookers also get discounts from certain online stores and LSS's that are members of iScrap. They get to participate in our Scrap Points Program: a system we have where everyone receives points for uploading to the gallery, participation on the site, submission of articles, tips & tricks, etc - then each point gets them an entry into a monthly draw for a prize pack valued at $150
Retailer Membership: Retailers get a page to display their store information, hours, events, sales, and any other info they choose to put up. They have the opportunity to provide a discount to iScrap members. They get listed in our directory and store locator. Retailers may also participate in all forums, galleries and contests that we have running at iScrap. There are further advertising opportunities available to Retailers. Retailers may take advantage of discounts provided by Manufacturers that are members.
Manufacturer Membership: They receive a page to display their company information, get listed in our Manufacturer directory and have the opportunity to provide discounts to iScrap Retailers. There are many advertising opportunities for Manufacturers at iScrap.

We would like to have the largest list of Scrapbooking events/ contests/ calls/ crops on the web, plus the largest Resource section for Scrapbookers. (which is what we are currently working on) – this will include articles, tutorials, projects, class project ideas for instructors, fonts, titles, poems, quotes, digital elements, card sayings, etc. There is so much involved and lots that the NSA started but hasn't fully completed – but now we can complete it since we have more resources. There are some exciting things in the works such as a Trip Planner (for example if you are going on a road trip from Los Angeles to Portland and you want to hit every LSS on your way. This program would map out a route for you to all the stores.), and an Instructor Certification Course, as well as lots of other things.
We also are trying to have the largest up to date directory of LSS's, online stores and manufacturers, and we are going to soon start a Consultant section as well.

Hope this all helps and gets you excited about iSCRAP as I am!!!

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Moments In Time said...

Nikki I am interested in the IScrap membership. Pick Me.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to get back to this, could you sign us up as the Retailer? love ya, karen

Anonymous said...

can we ever have enough sources of inspiration?
Merry Christmas!!
Carol orwasky