Sunday, December 31, 2006

in three's right?

... everything happens in threes right? Well, I was driving home (with both kids) one evening last week and my car broke down on the highway. (it was already dark and thank God for cell phones). Two days later Sean and Riley were fishing and the boat broke down. Then I went to turn on my computer the next day and an error message showed up and my computer wouldn't even boot up. So I called my computer guy and he proceeded to tell me that my hard drive had crashed and NOTHING was salvagable!!!!
What a way to end 2006.


Kim Bolyard said...

That's right three's so you are good now. Happy New Year. Will you be a K2 tomorrow night? I think I will try to go. I need to get back on track with Elsie's challenges.

Tammy said...

WOW! That hurts! I went through something like that recently and it was soooo stressful! Miss you!

K2 Scrapbook Studio said...

Oh my god...that is so horrible...are I so glad that you are ok, and we just won't think about the computer issue...makes you really think about backing up picture files and such...ugh...see you tomorrow night, we are going to have a creative blast! I am going to crop too! Karen