Friday, September 14, 2007

My Round Robin LO's

I started the page with the patterned papers (which I sewed on), the tag and the photo...the rest was completed by Jocie and Kim.
I started this one with the patterned paper (behind the photos), the photos and I made the felt tree (which I stamped on the middle layer)...the rest was completed by Megan and Jocie.
I started this page with the patterned papers (that I sewed down) and the photos, the rest was completed by Jocie, Megan and Kim.
I started this LO with the owl transparency, the lined patterned paper, photo, film strip, here's some advice paper, and cardboard...the rest was completed by Kim, Jocie and Megan.
This is how it worked. We had 3 or 4 to our group. You have 10 minutes to start your LO, then pass it to the next person to work on for 10 minutes, then pass it again, then the last 10 minutes you get it back to add any finishing touches (jounaling, etc...)
I think Jocie, Kim and Megan will agree that this was one of the funest times we had scrapbooking while at SDV. Thanks guys for contributing to these fun LO's...can't wait to do it again!!
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Moments In Time said...

Thank you so much for letting me take your class the second time. It really helped. I finished my layout. You can see it at

Thanks again Patty

Lori said...

Love the picttue of Brody and Grandma! Very Special!

Jacqueline said...

That round robin scrap sounds like fun!