Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Photography Tips

I thought to go along with the photography challenge I posted this past week, I would post some photography tips. I was doing some research for myself and thought I would share what I found... here is the site I got the info from if you want t o go and check it out yourself. http://library.thinkquest.org/28146/composition.html

Most of us know these "tips", but a refresher is always good:

1.simplicity (too much in the picture is distracting)

2. framing (to give depth)

3. balance (asymmetric is usually better than symmetric)

4. direction of movement (leave space in front of a subject that is capable of moving)

5. diagonals (linear element are usually viewed more dynamic if diagonal than if horizontal)

6. rule of thirds (tic tac toe board)

7. viewpoint (higher/lower than subject)

Here are a few (there are tons more out there) photography sites I found:



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