Thursday, July 26, 2007

July photo challenge

1. Clock 2. Fence or gate
3. Dew (I did not stage this...i actually found this perfect dew drop)
4. Bubbles
5. Insect
6. Apple
7. Something on a car
8. A reflection
9. Numbers
10. Buttons
11. Something red

12. Rocks
13. Lace

14. Something sports related
15. Hands (Riley learning how to spin spaghetti)

16. Flower
17. Clouds
18. Ice
19. Ray of sun
20. Something spiral

Thanks Cami for the inspiration.

Dream, Design, Photograph


mama j said...

Great shots, but what is absolutely terrifying is that YOU, or the driver, had to have taken that shot of the spedometer while going 70 mph. Hmmmmmmm.........

Cami said...

Love your take on the "rocks" :)
Cool pics Nikki - thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

these are awesome Nikki...I need to get on this. I had a great time last did Chelsea

k2scrapbookstudio said... took some amazing photographs there...all with your newest baby huh? Jon is gonna have to check this out! love ya, karen