Wednesday, May 30, 2007


...i made a list of all the things i needed to get done in the next week.
I had such a productive day cause more than half of the things I had on my list were checked off by the time I went to bed (there is something to be said about lists!) The last few things on my list I either completed this morning or am waiting for return phone calls. I just love the power of time management. It leaves you to do other things you enjoy.
Reading is one of my favorites. I just love getting sucked into a good book... so when I realized that I did not have a book to read, I stopped by the "book" Goodwill. It was the first time I had ever been in there, its located on Bee Ridge and Cattleman. All they sell in there is is set up like a regular book store so books are VERY easy to find. I love a good murder mystery so I got a James Patterson and a Clyve Cussler book. I also went to Sam's and picked up The Best Life by Bob Greene (he is Oprah's personal trainer). I started 2 of them already and are enjoying them both.
One of the last things i have added to my list is updating my blog, my flicker pictures and my off to work on those!
Thanks for listening to my rambling...


mama j said...

I do best w/ lists too--I feel like I accomplish so much see it CROSSED OFF! My super asked me last night how my lists were coming (VBS is next week) and I laughed....don't even know where to begin w/ those lists...some are buried under paper work-the others are "in my brain" as Cooper would refer to as "head."

WTG on your lists!

Kim Bolyard said...

I will see you tomorrow and yes...still on for a drink after.