Sunday, May 13, 2007

Muddy Buddy

Here are a few picts of yesterday's race. We had so much fun!!! It is a 6 mile race total with 5, 1.2 mile legs. You and your partner trade off between the bike and runnning. At each checkpoint you both complete an obstacle: rock wall, cargo net climbing with a big slide, balance beam, and the last one was a giant mud pit.


Kim bolyard said...

Great photos Nik...sounds like a lot of fun.

Happy Mother's Day


mama j said...

WOW--that's ONE hot Mama!!! Where in the world do you 1. come up w/ such CRAZY ideas? 2. have the energy to perform these crazy ideas? 3. have the ability to smile, after self inflicted torture? YOU are amazing!

Happy Mother's Day!

Where was this?

Anonymous said...

GOLLLY! Sign me up for next year! What a fricken BLAST! You rock! Great pics too!


k2scrapbookstudio said...

ok..that's out of hand...and as much as I emulate you...I' ain't ever gonna crawl through a mud pit!!! heehee- Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Nik, Great Job looks like A lot of FUN!!!!!!
See you soon, luv Elle

Lori said...

I am so proud of all that you do!!! Even if it envoles getting a little muddy! Thanks making every day special