Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Pamper mommy baby shower"

...Irish tea, homemade scones, tea sandwiches and your special girlfriends what more could you ask for???
On Sunday Karen threw me a "pamper mommy shower"!
It was so much fun!
I got so many wonderful and delicious presents from a gorgeous teapot, a Victoria's Secret robe,
a pair of my fav shoes (crocs!!!), deliciously soft socks, neck/back hot packs, a massage, 2 pedicures, wonderful bath and body goodies, a manicure/pedicure kit, lip glosses and a great hair band, a Willow Tree figure of a mother and her 2 little boys, a picture frame, a gift certificate for wall rub ons that you customize....
I also got some goodies you can eat and drink too (starbucks coffee, tea, dark chocolate m&m's, dark chocolate cookies, Ginger and lemon cookies) plus 2 really great mugs!
Brody got some great new outfits, a first year calendar, a handmade blanket and burp clothes, and some bath accesories.
Riley even got a new Thomas the Train pillow (so he wouldn't feel left out- thanks Cathy)!
Thanks everyone for an amazingly wonderful and pampering day!
Love, Nikki

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Kim Bolyard said...

I am so sorry I had to miss it. I want to take you to lunch to make up for it. Call me soon.