Friday, September 01, 2006

Picture/Messsage Board

I made this for my friend Karen's Birthday present.

I took a piece of MDF board, which I glued a cork board to. Covering the whole thing in some cool fabrics I got at my local wallpaper store (you know in those sample books) and secured them with a staple gun. Then I wrapped the rope around the boards, tied them in the back and secured with 2 more staples. I glued foof-la buttons to thumb tacks to hold her messages/pictures where she wants them. I also stapled the chain (Ace Hardware) to the back.


PS Karen, I hope you enjoy!


K2 Scrapbook Studio said...

YOu are such a calm and peaceful spirit, with such a HUGE heart! Just being around you makes me feel at ease! I adore my new message board and it is going to go in my scrapbook room so I can feel calm and creative everytime I look up! I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life!

Kara Jones said...

This is so creative Nikki and beautiful!