Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Fellow ATCers....

All right girls (JoAnn, Gail, Susan, Melissa and Jessi) I am just checking up on you to see how you are coming along with your 4 ATC's this month. Remember our challenge was to use any combo of pink, brown and turquiose (teal) on 2 of them and the other 2 are whatever theme you want. I just wanted to encourage you all to break out the scraps and start playing!!! The above picture are the 2 for our challenge. As you can see I did not use the traditional shades of "teal" and "pink" mine are much more muted and soft for the vintage feel.

I have been thinking of doing an ABC set (ending with 26 in the whole set when I am done).
Each ATC would be a letter and then I would write, draw etc words that start with that letter.
What do you think? (Melissa this may be a cool way to use those ABC playing cards that we both have.)

I feel it is always important to have a goal to work toward, even with my scrapbooking/ ATC making. So set a goal for yourselves, even if it is getting your ATC's done a couple days before we meet, rather than the night before!!! (smile)
Have Fun and get creating!!!! See you on September 9th.


P.S. For all you that come to class on the 9th I have a little gift for you. It is the perfect little tin to hold the ATC's we are working on till our next meeting!!! (it's a small metal lunch box-too cute- advertizing retro candies)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nikki for the reminder. I was just thinking that I really needed to get started so it was not just the night before. I too really like to set goals. Hope I do better at this then my goals for scrapbooking pages. Love the abc idea! Can't wait til the 9th.Jo Ann

Jessi said...

Jessi here--I'll try to do this--not sure if I'll be able to attend on the 9th, depending on the time. I've missed being at the studio. The pink/brown/torq. challenge are close to my new obsession of color combos--i like the purple instead of pink combo the best...but will do pink.

also, like the abc idea...b/c I'm hoping to start an abs bk. for my 2 yr. old and i could incorporate them in that scrapbook too.

sent you an email earlier. talk to you soon. jessi <><

Tammy said...

Hi: We have started to take you up on your challenge. You can see how far we have gotten on our blog.
Thanks for all of your great ideas!
Tammy and Elizabeth