Monday, June 19, 2006

Run Run Run...

Here are 2 pages I just added to my "me" album.

I was never a runner before I started working out with Tomi. She and I met when we were pregnant (we delivered 3 weeks apart). We started walking when the boys were 2 weeks old, then after a couple of months she wanted to start running. I told her I would try it, mainly because I did not want to lose my workout partner! Well, needless to say I love it.
We ran Gasparilla in Feb of 05, we did some adventure runs last summer in Tampa, we ran a Thanksgiving turkey run, Bill's Beer run, the Ringling Bridge Run, and Gasparilla 1/2 marathon this past Feb. As you know I am pregnant and on a short hiatus from running, but very excited to get back to it and my running partner!!!

(thanks Tomi for being such a great friend and workout partner- love you)

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